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Iranian export tomatoes

Gromita Company is an Iranian tomatoes exporter. We can supply the best exported tomatoes with the best quality and competitive price in the shortest possible time for you.

If you are looking for an Iranian tomato supplier to supply your wholesale fruits and vegetables, you can trust us. To know the updated price of Iran’s exported tomatoes, just send us a message on WhatsApp or fill out the contact form.

    Iran’s export tomato has many fans all over the world due to its beautiful appearance, pleasant taste, and smell. In addition to these, due to the cheapness of labor and energy in Iran, products can be supplied at a cheaper price compared to other neighboring countries.

    Gromita Trading Company, as one of the largest suppliers of fruits and vegetables, can be a trusted business partner for your company in Iran. We supply you with various tomatoes, such as Roma, Cherry, Brivio, and Matin, at the best wholesale price.

    Also, we will send you photos and videos of all stages of supply, such as greenhouse, cold storage, sorting, and transportation, so that you can be sure of the quality of the products.

    Quality tomatoes for export from Iran

    Exported tomato image gallery

    These are some pictures of Iran’s exported tomatoes in different packages and in different stages of preparation, click on each picture to view a larger size.

    Exporters of Tomatoes in asia
    Exporters of Tomatoes in asia (Source: OEC)

    Tomato export volume

    According to the statistics published by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), more than 1.2 billion tons of vegetables are produced worldwide every year, and tomatoes are at the top of this list. In terms of global tomato production, Iran ranks 11th after countries like China, America, India, and Turkey. 

    But from the point of view of tomato export, Iran ranks eighth among the world’s largest tomato suppliers after Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Morocco, Spain, and China.

    Customers of Iranian export Tomato

    Considering the geographical location and high quality of agricultural products and fruits of Iran, Russia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, India, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and even some European countries, They are good customers and importers of Iranian Tomatoes.

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    Iranian vegetable calendar
    Iranian vegetable calendar (To view larger size, click on the photo)

    Iranian tomato harvest season

    Iran is a country of 4 seasons, which means that the harvest season of different products in each province is different from another province, due to the differences in temperature, humidity, and other natural factors.

    Products such as tomatoes and most vegetables, according to the size of the country’s needs as well as the existence of many greenhouses in Iran, are produced in almost all seasons and can be your product suppliers

    Although this issue is a little different in fruits, for example, you may not be able to access Iran’s exported pomegranates in all subs. however, with the use of advanced technology and cold storage, you can still find your product in seasons other than the harvest season.

    Let's get in touch

    The fastest way to communicate with us and receive product supply conditions is the WhatsApp button. But you can make your request through this contact form so that we can send you a message as soon as possible.

      Frequently Asked Question

      The best conditions for keeping green tomatoes are at a temperature of 13 to 18 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 85 to 90 percent. For red ripe tomatoes, the best temperature is 3 to 4 degrees Celsius. The higher the temperature, the riper the tomato becomes and it may spoil.


      For example, the:
      – At a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 92%, tomatoes ripen after 38 days.
      – Tomatoes ripen after 30 days at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 92%.
      – At a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 92%, tomatoes ripen after 24 days.


      And firm ripe tomatoes: at 7-10 degrees Celsius and 85-90% humidity, they are fully ripe after 4-7 days.

      In the first stage, the tomatoes are picked by trained workers using gloves and are slowly guided to sorting.

      In the next step, bruised and stained tomatoes are removed from the sorting and the best crowned tomatoes with the same size are selected.


      According to the customer’s desired packaging, luxury tomatoes are packed and ready to be shipped to export destinations and ports.

      According to the customer’s request, the packaging can be different, but most tomatoes are packed in cardboard boxes or plastic baskets in different rows of 3 to 6.


      If you request a large number of products, your company name can be printed on the products.

      Cherry tomatoes, matin tomatoes and brivio tomatoes are famous tomato varieties in Iran.

      Matin tomatoes are usually round and brivio tomatoes are usually elongated and oval.

      Yes, in addition to tomatoes, we supply other export vegetables, export fruits and other agricultural materials, some of which can be seen on the site. If you want another product, send us a message on WhatsApp so that we can provide you with the best price.

      Yes, we are an active member of the Khorasan Razavi Export Commission (a subset of the Khorasan Chamber of Commerce – MCCIMA). Also a member of Khorasan Exporters Union. (To receive the membership number and inquire about our company, send us a message to send the more information to you)

      Are you looking for Iranian tomato?

      Why Gromita?

      We all know that food products, especially exported vegetables like tomatoes, are fast-consuming products, so a wholesaler may need fresh vegetables several times a month. That’s why long-term cooperation is very important to us.

      Our strategy at Gromita is long-term cooperation with dear traders and wholesalers, that’s why we will ignore short-term benefits.

      You can find more information about the owners of Gromita Trading Company on the “About Us” page, or even search their names on Google, or ask for our credentials from old traders.

      High Quality

      We guarantee that we will offer you the highest quality product

      Fast delivery

      After the agreement, we will pack and deliver the product to you as soon as possible

      Competitive price

      We do our best to offer competitive prices for long-term cooperation with you

      Free consultation

      Even if you don't intend to work with us, we will answer your questions

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