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kiwi storage conditions

If your fruit is soft and ripe, it is better to keep it in the refrigerator, and if you want the fruit to soften a little, you can keep it at room temperature for a few days.
Kiwi storage place
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In this article, we want to check whether the kiwi fruit needs to be in the refrigerator or not. We will also check the best storage conditions for kiwi.


This case can be examined from two perspectives, the first perspective is the home use of Kiwi. If you have a kiwi, should we put it in the refrigerator or not? The second scenario is that we want to store a large volume of kiwi for a long time, what is the best temperature to store kiwi?


Kiwi storage conditions in cold storage

Here we want to check the best temperature and humidity of the refrigerator for long-term storage of kiwi. This section of the article is suitable for wholesalers, bulk buyers of kiwifruit, farmers, and other traders. If you want to keep kiwi at home, go to the next section.


As we explained on the Kiwi export page, Kiwi harvesting should be done at the right time. Kiwis should be picked when they are mature, but not hard and unripe. This is the time when the brix of kiwi is 7-9% and the firmness of its flesh is ibf 7-10.


Also, kiwi should be harvested in cool weather and avoid raindrops, dew, and damage during harvesting



The best storage temperature for kiwi

Fruit softness is influenced by temperature and ethylene. Our goal is to store kiwis in a hard and unripe form because in this condition we can store kiwis for as long as possible. For this reason, kiwi should be placed in the shade after harvesting, and since the fruits are hot after being picked, their high temperature should be reduced after harvesting and before being transferred to cold storage.


As a result of this event, the temperature and production of ethylene gas in kiwis is reduced and excessive softening and reduction of their quality is prevented.


The best temperature for storing kiwi in the refrigerator is 0 degrees Celsius. The higher the temperature, the shorter the storage time. For example, if the temperature is around 4 degrees, the storage period of kiwi in the refrigerator is halved. To prevent kiwi from freezing, temperatures below 0.5 degrees should be avoided. (Kiwi freezes at minus 1.5 degrees Celsius)


The best humidity for keeping kiwi

The humidity of the cold room is also very important. The ideal relative humidity for kiwi storage in the cold room is about 90% to 95%. Humidity is the most important factor in weight loss, freshness of kiwi, and changing the amount of water in kiwi.



Iran's export kiwi size



Proper storage of kiwi at home

If your kiwi is still hard and not ripe, you can store it outside the refrigerator at room temperature to soften. But if the kiwis are ripe and soft, they should be stored at 0 to 1 degree so that they can be stored for a long time.


Of course, it is better to know that ethylene gas causes the fruit to ripen earlier. So if kiwis are fully ripe, place them away from fruits that produce ethylene gas such as bananas, pears, tomatoes, apples, avocados, etc.


If you want the kiwi to reach room temperature and soften sooner, you can wrap the kiwi in something like paper. By doing this, you trap the ethylene gas produced by the kiwi and it makes the fruit ripen earlier.


For better kiwi storage, it is better to know these tips:

  • Dry the kiwi completely
  • If you want to keep kiwi for a long time, it is better to keep it in the freezer at 0 degrees
  • In the refrigerator, kiwis will stay healthy for several weeks
  • For very long storage, you can slice kiwi and then dry it

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Ebrahim Esfidani
Ebrahim Esfidani

I was a gardener with my father since I was a child and I started my own export of nuts and fruit products. Currently, I am a member of the great team of Gromita Trading Company.

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