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What are Mashhad's export products? In this article, we will examine the amount of export of various products of Mashhad and Razavi Khorasan in 2023. Products such as saffron, pistachios, apples, edible bird eggs, tomato paste, tomatoes, steel, etc.
Saffron flowers in the fields
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In this article, we will briefly discuss the exports of Mashhad city and Razavi Khorasan province. Mashhad is known for its products such as saffron. There are big brands in the field of saffron in Mashhad, but in addition to saffron, Mashhad also has other exports.


Here we discuss some of the most important export products of Razavi Khorasan. This statistic is according to the information published by the Mashhad Chamber of Commerce in the spring of 2023. Of course, these statistics and export numbers are for about 4 months and therefore may have errors.


Edible eggs

It might be interesting for you to know that edible bird eggs such as export eggs and quail eggs are among the important products of Razavi Khorasan and Mashhad. In the spring of 2023, these products have earned over 25 million dollars for Mashhad.


This number has increased by several million compared to the same time last year because Iran’s egg export is very much related to the laws and restrictions of the government as well as the laws of the government’s neighbors.



It is not surprising that saffron is at the top of the list of Mashhad’s most exported products. According to different HS-CODEs of saffron, the largest export of Khorasan Razavi and Mashhad in terms of export value is related to saffron with packaging of more than 30 grams.


The export statistics of this product in the period of 4 months of spring 2023 show about 52 million dollars. This number was about 28 million during the same period last year and it can be said that at this time, Mashhad’s saffron export has reached its highest level and has grown.


In the above statistics, saffrons under 30 grams, which include gifts and small saffrons, etc., have not been calculated. If all these items are calculated, Mashhad’s saffron export figure is definitely more than 52 million dollars.


iron and steel

Another product that has a large share in the export of Mashhad is iron and steel products, which include steel sheets, rebar, and iron rods. Considering that Iran’s neighboring countries, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, are in the process of development and reconstruction, they will greatly need construction materials, especially rebar.


According to the statistics of the Mashhad Chamber of Commerce, the iron and steel rebars of Mashhad were exported in the 4 months of spring 2023, more than 11 million dollars. Unfortunately, in the same period compared to the previous year, there has been a decrease of about 10 million dollars.



Nuts such as pistachios are very popular in Iran, but in Mashhad, they have been paid less attention. According to the latest statistics published in the spring of 2023, exports of Mashhad pistachios (dry pistachios + pistachios with fresh skin) totaled more than 25 million dollars.


The export of Mashhad pistachios has also grown by about 10 million dollars compared to last year.


Other famous export products of Mashhad

Mashhad has many export products, some of which we have listed below for your convenience (export volume for spring 2023):

  •  Saffron – 51 million dollars
  •  Edible bird eggs – 25 million dollars
  •  Pistachios – 20 million dollars
  •  Polyethylene compound – 15 million dollars
  •  Floor covering – 13 million dollars
  •  Polystyrene – 9 million dollars
  •  Exported apples – 9 million dollars
  •  Industrial cow’s milk powder – 8 million dollars
  •  White cement – 6 million dollars

Other products that are in Mashhad’s export basket, but their statistics change depending on the season, or exact statistics have not been published, include: potatoes, export tomatoes, tomato paste, buttermilk, milk, cream, and other greenhouse products such as sweet peppers, Cucumber and etc.

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Ebrahim Esfidani
Ebrahim Esfidani

I was a gardener with my father since I was a child and I started my own export of nuts and fruit products. Currently, I am a member of the great team of Gromita Trading Company.

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Saffron flowers in the fields
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Top Mashhad export product

What are Mashhad’s export products? In this article, we will examine the amount of export of various products of Mashhad and Razavi Khorasan in 2023. Products such as saffron, pistachios, apples, edible bird eggs, tomato

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