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Iranian export Onions

Gromita Trading Company is a supplier of Iranian onions as well as other fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for a wholesale purchase of high-quality white, red or golden onions exported from Iran, we can provide you with a large volume as soon as possible.

We supplied red, white, and golden onions for export to many traders in Oman, UAE, Qatar, Armenia, and Afghanistan. To get the latest bulk price of Iran’s exported onions, just send us a message on WhatsApp.

    Iran’s exported onions are of high quality, due to the country’s need for onions, sometimes the government prohibits the export of onions or imposes duties on them.

    For this reason, unlike vegetables such as bell peppers export, tomatoes export, or even garlic and lettuce, etc, which have high export statistics, in onion, Iran compared to Asian countries such as China, India, Pakistan, and Turkey exported much less.

    But if you are lucky and the weather conditions and the legal conditions of the country are favorable, you will be able to buy Iranian export onions at a reasonable price and make a big profit.

    Iran luxury yellow onions for export

    Exported onion image gallery

    Here you can see the pictures of some of Iran’s exported onions, click on each picture to see the pictures with larger size.

    Exporters of onion in asia
    Exporters of onion in asia (Source: OEC)

    onions export volume

    There are about 9 million hectares of onion cultivation in the world. Only 8% of cultivated onions are exported, Iran’s share in onion export is about 300 thousand tons. And its value is about 50 million dollars annually.

    Although Iran is lagging behind China and India in terms of onion export statistics, Iran’s exported onions are competitive with competitors’ onions in terms of quality and price and are gaining more market share day by day.

    Customers of Iranian export onions

    Iran’s exported onions (including white onions, yellow onions and red onions) are often sent to Oman, UAE, Qatar, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Ukraine, Belarus and even Australia.

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    Iranian vegetable calendar
    Iranian vegetable calendar (To view larger size, click on the photo)

    Iranian onion harvest season

    The best time to plant onions is usually autumn, and the best time to harvest is late winter or early spring. Of course, according to weather and temperature conditions, rain, etc., it may even be delayed by several months.

    Of course, export products such as export onions are usually available in cold stores even months after the harvest season, and usually there is no need to worry about supply. Although it may be due to environmental conditions or even export restriction laws in the country, the price of export onions may change.

    Although some people harvest onions in summer and fall. In fact, onions can be harvested in almost any season if the weather conditions and seed quality are suitable.

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      Frequently Asked Question

      In order to store onions for export, the temperature of the cold room should decrease over time and go down to about 1 or 0 degrees Celsius.


      Proper humidity should also be maintained between 60 and 70% because excessive humidity may cause the growth of mold and fungus on onions.


      Finally, when the onion leaves the greenhouse, it is preferable that the product is gradually brought to the same temperature as the environment, because a sudden temperature change causes damage to the product.


      If the temperature and humidity of the cold room are suitable, onions can be stored for up to 9 months.

      Another point is that, unlike fruits, onions do not ripen in the refrigerator and must be completely ripe when placed in the refrigerator.

      In the first step, onions are collected from the fields by trained workers.

      In the second stage, the onions are transferred to the shade and the damaged and beaten onions are separated from the luxury export onions. (If it is necessary to sort, the onion is transferred to sorting)

      In the third stage, it is stored in a cold room with the right temperature and humidity.

      In the fourth step, the onions are transported from the cold storage to the customer’s desired location by equipped containers.

      Exported onions are usually packed in net bags. (as shown in the image gallery)

      The net bag of exported onions is also available in capacities such as 7, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 45 kilos.

      Exported onions are usually in 3 very common types.

      Yellow and golden onions, these types of onions usually have a spicy and sometimes sweet taste and are quite common in cooking.

      Red onions, this type of onion has almost purple skin, usually has a mild and relatively sweet taste and is used in food, especially salad.

      White onions usually have a milder and sweeter taste than yellow and red onions, they are usually used in preparing sauces, stews, soups, etc.

      Of course, some of the use of onions in foods, salads and sauces is a matter of taste and varies according to different cultures.

      Yes, in addition to onions, we supply other export vegetables, export fruits and other agricultural materials, some of which can be seen on the site. If you want another product, send us a message on WhatsApp so that we can provide you with the best price.

      Yes, we are an active member of the Khorasan Razavi Export Commission (a subset of the Khorasan Chamber of Commerce – MCCIMA). Also a member of Khorasan Exporters Union. (To receive the membership number and inquire about our company, send us a message to send the more information to you)

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      We all know that food products, especially exported vegetables like onions , are fast-consuming products, so a wholesaler may need fresh vegetables several times a month. That’s why long-term cooperation is very important to us.

      Our strategy at Gromita is long-term cooperation with dear traders and wholesalers, that’s why we will ignore short-term benefits.

      You can find more information about the owners of Gromita Trading Company on the “About Us” page, or even search their names on Google, or ask for our credentials from old traders.

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